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tv   News  ABC  September 26, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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forecast. it's been raining since we have been on the air. >> off and on rain throughout the day. and also tomorrows this morning push off to the east. zooming in on light rain head together north or border. delta getting light rain and we can see that off towards the east in pennsylvania. and we have light showers along the eastern shore. and queen ann's county and churchill and very light rain but the road are wet and we have had problems. but no coat need. 63 in perryman. we are at 62 in light come and warmer temperatures by the afternoon. 81. let's check the abc2timesaver traffic with lauren cook. we have wet road and accident. >> reporter: the rain is leading to a hickic community. a crash up -- hectic commute. it's along the southbound lanes
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it has been moved to the shoulder at route 279. there are more problems in howard county with a crash on route 32 along the eastbound lanes at the ramp to columbia pike. problems per sift in baltimore county where -- persist in baltimore county on paper mill road at cooper road. traveling on 73 -- 83 as we look live in hunt valley, notice everything is up to speed at shawan road and will remain nice and clear traveling down to 695 and get on the jfx heading into city. traffic is starting to pick up on 695. looking live here in overl-ea at bel air road. expect a little congest jest towards towson. now over to you. a rash of burglaries have some in a community changing their reteens. 15 burglaries in three weeks. police are frustrated and neighbors are concerned. sherrie johnson has more and do police have a suspect in this.
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>> reporter: so far nothing yet but they think it's someone familiar with the area with 15 burglaries in three weeks folks in the boulevard park neighborhood are on the lookout. the community is off mountain road. people say aid quiet and crime free area until now. now some of them didn't lock their doors over the last few weeks things are changeed. police believe the same person committed the burglaries. officers say it's someone very familiar with the neighborhood and routines of people who live there. detectives say they break in when no one is home and makes off with cash gulery and electronics. many have changed their routines. >> it upset everybody neighbors are getting burglar alarms and windows are getting locked down with bars. and. >> this is a neighborhood where everyone used to leave the door open. >> i am telling you until now we didn't our lawnmowers away. >> in response to this -- >> reporter: in response to
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this burglary spree they have a meeting at 7:30 at the community's clubhouse. police are expected to be there. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. two people have been arrested in connection with the robbery that happened at the royal inn motel on annapolisroad. james anthony reid and tameka wright were taken into custody but wright face another charge accused of leaving five children alone in the hotel. the youngest just 4 months old. florida man blames his pet squirrel girl dui charge. -- for a dui charge he was pulled over after leaving the bar after have having a few beers. police show he pulled -- he pulled the small squirrel fromunderneath the shirt. >> he was crawling around in theshirt. >> and he was resting in my
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shirt and liked where he went. and so he moved a bunch and i was not used to it. >> she seems very friendly.>> yes. >> is he drunk? >> i not going there. >> frisky squirrel. the police report says michael almost hit pedestrian and other scars as you expect he was taken to jail but he was give the squirrel back. >> it would be an unwelcomed guest but in this case it was not -- it was an invitation. bob barrett brings a alligator to a pool party promising a wild event no one will forget. >> we had the -- you've had the clown party and chuck e. cheese and bounce house party. well, when you say you will have a party that's nice we will have a pool party that's nice a pool party with a gator everybody comes. >> don't know if my kid would go go. the gator's mouth is taped shut
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and kid get a course in allitor safety e came up with the idea because he needed a way to make up for times when tourism is slow. at his attraction. >> you say a course on alligator safety? >> yes. >> stay away. >> and wear a meat necklace. gas prices are inching down but imagine paying fewer than $2 a gallon. can you remember this it happened few years ago a shell station in charlottesville virginia regular unlead for $1.84. drivers lined up for the cheap prices but this was not just good will it was remembrance of things past the event organized by the conservative political action committee. volunteers are hoping to swing a few votes. and they offered to register drivers while they waited. >> how much does it usually cost to fill up your car. >> okay, my god maybe about 50, 60 dollars. >> about 90 dollars. >> i am here to get some gas because it's cheap.
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and it hasn't been like this in long, long time. >> so according to consumer reports, it has been a long time. the last time gas was 1.84, january, 2009 when president obama was inaugurated as the 44th president. the hot topic this morning should parents have a favorite kid? >> or do they have a favorite child? listen to this. a father who is is a blogger is under fire this morning for publically admitting that yes, he has a favorite child. buzz bishop wrote about how he prefers one son over the other saying he find him to be more fun. as you can imagine as soon as posted it, parents started to weigh in shocked that he would write such a thing. >> take the language and call hmm my favorite he is the one i re-- him my favorite he is the one i relate to easier if that means he is the favorite i don't think that's too evil. >> it makes me uncomfortable i think.
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>> unapologetic. >> let us know what you think. this is something we want your thoughts on. is it wrong he admitted to having a favorite child? weigh in on the facebook fan page and become a fan and weigh in on the debate. >> i don't think relatability because if he has interest in a other son fine. >> something else you can relate to. >> declare your child the favorite though. >> let us know what you think on abc2 news exoinl. a spirit may be a deluxe apartment in the sky but the body is on earth. >> sherman helmsly died two months ago but hasn't been buried yesterday knees a friend of yours. >> he was, yeah. >> all right fans looking forward to seeing usher perform hive may be disappointed. those with tickets got to wait to see him on stage. >> and temperatures are mild this morning and we will warm up in the afternoon but a cool down is on the way. i will tell you when it arrives coming up. >> reporter: traffic is congested here on the west side of the beltway at 695 at old
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court road. i will have more on other slow spots and accidents across the region coming up on good morning maryland. what does fall smell like?
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it's been two months since the jefferson star sherman helmsly died and he has not been buried. >> his body is is at a morgue and a fight continues over his estate. the actor a will names the beneficialary and richard thornton claims to be a brother and is chal eming the -- challenging the claim. >> the will is valid and legal and it was prepared by a very wl respected attorney in town. >> a judge has ordered a dna test to compare dna from helmly's alleged brother to helmly e died of lung cancer at 74 years old. fans of usher will have to wait to see him in concertch
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the star postponing part of the euphoria tour to spend time with the family. the singer is in a heated custody battle with his form are wife. the tour resumes next fall with dates in north america and europe. the tour company says it will refund tickets. fans are bought for the now postponed event. fans of the bachelor we know who will search for soul mate. sean lowe demed but -- dumped by emily maynard will be doing the choosing. says he is ready to love again. of course he is. the bachelor returns in january for the 17th edition. lynette charles i know you are excited. >> stay with us, because some say they are out of their league over their head and completely unqualified. >> i say hey they have eyesight a doctor has a solution for the nfl's ref problem. they will tell you what it is. >> a lot of cleanup for people in a community. why they are waking up to a
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mess and calling their insurance companies right now. >> and we have much needed rain this morning. and we are going do it again this afternoon. i will tell you how long it will last once it gets in here coming up. >> reporter: and traffic is extremely conjested on 695 at baltimore national pike. we are dealing with several accidents across the region. i will have more on them coming up on good morning maryland.
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wednesday morning the middle of the week your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. could be wet out there. here's lynette. >> good morning. yes, you are right. the ground are wet. we are drying out from a big round of showers and thunderstorms that rolled through earlier this morning. things are dry right now. but we will begin to get the wet weather later into the morning and another round this afternoon. we can see bel air and plenty of clouds trying to see a few breaks in the cloud but look at the wet road. lots of accidents going on out there this morning as well. and temperatures are quite mild. you can see low 60s in columbia
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and arnold. the wind are on the light side and will pick up 5 to 10 miles an hour going through time today. and as we go through the hour by hour forecast, it looks like this. we will warm up nicely right around 81 but the showers and storms are in the forecast. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain is leading to a very hectic commute. we have several accidents across the region. trouble in baltimore county where there's a crash in phoenix right on paper mill road at cooper road. and traveling on 83, that will be nice and clear as you head from hunt valley to 695 and it remains that way getting on the jfx. now as we check in and look live here at 695, the west side extremely jammed at liberty road. the outer loop will be slow as you continue to make the drive down towards route 40 and this is 95 heading downtown at 395. nothing to get in your way. fort mchenry tunnel is nice and clear and for those in howard county, watch out for a crash
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along the eastbound lanes of route 32. right at the ramp to columbia pike. megan and charley over to you. we are getting a glimpse of what harrah's baltimore will look like nearly 4 years after the voters approved the slots casino and it's the sight that remains i am at this. so if you are curious what it looks like sherrie johnson has more and some of the new developments going on. you've glimpse of it. looks impressive. >> reporter: a sneak peek if you will. the future of harrah's baltimore is getting clear. a sign went up yesterday. the developers of a proposed slots casinoin baltimore are giving us the first lock at plans for high quality high dollar facility. the build will be have more than 100,000 square feet of gaming space a. steak house buffet and a food court and plans to hire 2. 1200 employees and attract businesses from all over the country. it is openly supporting question 7 on the november ballot that would legalize table games in maryland as well as adding a 6th cay seepo in
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prince george's -- cay even so -- casino in prince george's county bringing in another 500 jobs. >> we are ready to move forward with the slot machines and excited about it and hopefully question 7 passes allowing to us ad500 jobs and top of those we are plan for. >> reporter: construction starts next summer and will open in 2014. sherrie johnson. a boost of confidence for public schools. district saw big gains in the s.a.t. tests results for this year and passing rates for advanced placement exams. scores increased by 17 pores. superintendent dallas dance says he is pleased with the data and he does say more work needs to be done. he plans on use the results to see where the district can improve so its students do better next year. news time 6:49. on the's were shut out to the -- be the oa he' were shut out
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-- o's were shut out last night. 7 games to go wild card not out of the question. and now there is a shot at the al east division crown. linda so is here with what fans need to know because ticket scammers are targeting fans as we get ready for a possible playoff hosting. >> reporter: they are capitalizing on the fake tickets. for fans wanting to get on on -- in on o's magic don't get duped beforehanding over lots of money. the wild card game and potential divisional series games are sold out. so the security experts say watch out for the fake tickets. here's red flags to look for. if the ink on the ticket smudge or the paper splits along the edges, chance are it's a fake and make sure there are no dates on times printed on the tickets because the post season schedule has not been set. >> we are worried and major league baseball is worried about possible counterfeit tickets and people unauthorized and selling tickets. that they don't have. >> reporter: and for all you
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fans out there, there's another buckle up rally for the o's from noon to 1 at mccormick world of flavors on light street and thursday, from 2 to 3 in the afternoon at the wal- mart in severn. the buckle up team will be rallying fans giving away game tickets and gear. again the o's play tonight against the blue jays and then on friday they take on the red sox for the last home games of the regular season. linda so, abc2 news. news time 6:51. ravens fans rallied around tory smith when he showed up for the game despite the fact that he learned 24 hours before that his brother died in a motorcyclecrash. the fans erupted in a unified chant yelling his name from the stand yelling his first name and that cheer is going on a shirt. this is video we shot a few minutes ago at a production shop in parkville. they will start making the t- shirts this morning and it's going to happen earlier and you can buy them at cal stores and you can find them on
6:52 am something to keep in mind. those working at fort meade working to prevent military suicides and today they will take part in several mandatory sessions for all service members and civilians. it's part of an army wives stand down to address the rying number of suicides among active duty soldiers i'm cording to the army the number of suicide deaths in july was more than double that the number in june. pentagon leaders are stepping up efforts to help solve the problem. five things to know on this wednesday. casey anthony back in court in florida this morning. a judge scheduled to hear motions related to a defamation suit that's filed against her by a woman. anthony claimed a nanny namedthat took her daughter in 2008. a contractor named to get the much needed repair work to the washington monument. the monument was damaged during a earthquake and the national park service will make the announcement today. >> today members of giant foods will hold back -- or taking care of food for the needy all
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this part of the maryland food bank. employees at the store are helping organize food donations packing food kits and check expiration dates. giant foods holding food drives in all locations. >> power ball jackpot hit the $200 million mark since no one won on saturday. the odds of winning 1 in 175 million. power ball drawings are done wednesday and saturday night. good luck. >> you are saying there's a chance. west smile spraying taking place in catonsville tonight on schedule. trucks will be out around 7:30 and next monday, the trucks will be at the pikesville area. officials say residents should stay inside while the spraying is going on. 7 minutes away from 7. and storm chasers captured pretty dramatic video when a tornado in illinois spire railed up. it -- spiraled up. authorities say the storm brought in winds that were
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strong enough to blow over a semi-trailer and hail the size of tennis balls. at least three homes were damaged by the storm. nothing like that in our skies but you want to look up and maybe take an umbrella as you head out here's lynette. >> you are right. we are going to be seeing more showers and storms rolling in as we go into the afternoon. but also, we could see another round as we go early into the morning as well. we have a break out there right now. temperatures the big story this morning as well. we are mild. you don't need the heavy jacket like you needed yesterday or the day before. it's 60 in owings mills and i long eastern shore 65 in easton and cambridge around 65 as well. so, a mild start to the morning. we will get much warmer going into the afternoon. we are drying out and going to get sunshine in here going throughout the day. that's what's going to help with the instability and that's why more thunderstorms are possible with lightning as we go into the afternoon. cold front is this is what we are waiting to move through as we go through tomorrow and with
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that, we will begin to still see some showers and storms because this will stall out just to the south of us. the wet weather will be in the picture even as we go into the weekend. so we go into five, 6:00 and the rush hour could be another wet one. you saw what was going on this morning. so watch it accidents could be had. the temperature is at 81 degrees. showers and storms will be warmer and this the forecast for this evening, we will have showers and storms possible so we will see if the game gets delayed or canceled by tomorrow 75 degrees. and the 7-day forecast has rain as you see showers on saturday and sunday. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the morning rush is in full swing. accidents across the region. we have trouble in anne arundel county. a new crash in severn on route 713 at severn road. and howard county, another new accident right along the southbound lanes of columbia pike at interstate 706789
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traffic is starting to pick up on interstate 70 as you make the drive from columbia pike over to 695. and the beltway that's going to be another huge problem spot right now as we check in and look live here at old court road. that outer loop jammed down to route 40. and 695 will remain packed from parkville up towards toeson. this is a live look at 95 downtown. and everything up to speed at 395, fort mchenry tunnel in great shape. now over to you. an eye doctor wants to offer services to the refs who official aid the seahawks packers game on monday night and thinks the ref who made the touchdown call may have visionproblems and the doctor is offering free lasik surgery. >> the referees had some vision issues. so we decided they shall we could help them with that. >> the doctor says he and his staff will talk to the referees about the decision make and the rules to the game of football. i have a photograph of this catch that was made at the
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time. this is absurbed. >> he is fired up. >> they are looking down. you see the jenkins has the ball. >> we will see you in 30 minutes.
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